Sexual Dysfunction

New series of compounds based on a near extinc plant. Extracts retain activity in male rats, increasing overall mating events to a similar level as Sildenafil (Viagra). This compound without any notable alkaloids or sterols was ignored by the scientific community for a lack of understanding allowing the opportunity for a first mover advantage on a potentially new type of drug.


Potentially represent a new core drug structure and renewed interest in phytoestrogens as SERM and SARM drugs for endocrine disorders.
Even as a stand alone orally active estrogen blocker it could be used to treat multiple types of cancer and reduce muscle, hair, and bone density loss with age

With modification the drug could be an orally active SARM Increasing muscle mass and reducing or remove the need for testosterone injections for men having undergone cancer related Orchiectomy.
Potential the worlds first true Aphrodisiac and potential "Viagra" for women.