Inflammatory illnesses and issues are on the rise, from Arthritis (known to affect 1/3 of adults) to medications, surgery, dental, and acne; the uses of anti-inflammatory are more than commonplace, they are expected.

Unfortunately, traditional Anti-inflammatory agents are either moderately effective or have serious negative effects such as causing damage to the liver, kidneys, and stomach lining.

With at least 1/3 of the population taking some form of anti-inflammatory, we are seriously hurting our population and shortening lifespans.

We have found a non-psychotropic compound found within plants such as cannabis. Current clinical studies show that it is not only more effective than leading anti-inflammatories but carries fewer side effects and dangers.
Unfortunately, it is found in such minute quantities in nature that it makes it not only expensive and nearly impossible to supply for clinical trials, but commercially impossible as a cost-effective pharmaceutical.
These problems, however, become non-existent when utilizing Biomimetic’s process, allowing for its creation at a fraction of the cost of current methods at volumes previously inaccessible to the market.


Proven to decrease pain in rats
Proven as effective as phenylbutazone
Investigated as a pharmaceutical but dropped due to lack of drug supply

Replace aspirin in the right dosages. Offering the same benefits without harmful side effects.
Can also be used as a more effective anti-inflammatory, allowing for better treatment of some types of epilepsy than even CBD.

More absorbent than CBD, making it a potentially better topical, Potentially greater dental applications