Medical/Laboratory Equipment

With years of experience and research into the fine chemical industry has come the development of myriad devices and processes for use inside of a laboratory. Whether these are advancement to current equipment like a handheld supercritical chromatography unit or more advanced methods of Flow chemistry BIOMIMETICS will look to leverage these inventions to offer them back to the science community

TLC Kits

For BIOMIMETICS’s first push into the industry we are looking to the current methods of testing different material for the rare compounds contained within. For example, current methods of measuring rare cannabinoids beyond the main few require highly trained staff and expensive equipment. Our system allows on the fly measurement in minutes of any plant material and can be tailored to measure up to all 190+ Cannabinoids. This is a huge advancement in the industry allow for the measure of life-improving compounds within the marijuana and its oils, while measuring the more psychoactive compounds currently not measured like THC-V, THCOAC. This allows for a more accurate read of the effects of cannabis and allows people to get the plant they need without the potential of overdosing due to bad quality control or other unwanted effects.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube