Contract Manufacturing

                With this experience comes access to many diverse contract and chemical manufacturers for applications ranging from Anti-retrovirals or rare chemical analogs or derivatives of a chemical BIOMIMETICS is here to help. By leveraging this network BIOMIMETICS can help find and/or manufacture your chemical purchases.

For Examples See Below:

Hydroxy Chloroquine:

a life saving antimalarial medication this life-saving compound has seen its stockpiles devastated as countries and companies buy anything available. Through BIOMIMETICS’s partners, we have established a limited supply chain for this compound and related derivatives and are primed to offer to anyone expressing a need. Not only a Pipeline but potential Cheaper biomimetic routes to its creation..

Amino Acid Reduction

A way to convert Amino Acids into Amines Such as L-dopa, phenylamines, and other products

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Omega 3

EPA/DHA omega 3 Pills custom made to address common issues with Omega 3 Supplements at below average prices

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